Taking Time for Tea

At Bella Dona Vineyard ~ We bring calm to a busy life


        Christmas ~ Winter ~ Valentine's Day Tea

        Though the weather has turned from strolling outdoors
        in the gardens, the cozy warmth of our dining room 
        the gorgeous china, linens and food will
        entice you to come and take time for tea!

                           Enjoy a lovely day set aside.

**Afternoon tea with a variety of gold edged china, Ruby Red Crystal plates, Red Goblets and gorgeous tea cups or choose a silver and white with thick carved crystal plates and goblets or for a little winter fun, choose the Blue and White with Snowmen.   Food will be along the theme of the holiday or match the china of your choice and our home will be lavishly decorated for                                                                                    Christmas.  Come and be pampered.

Christmas Tea ~ Red Poinsettia 

This is our Red Poinsettia Christmas Tea

It includes a Gold Edged Noritake Plate with a red cut crystal salad plate and finishes off with a stunning gold edged patterned plate from 222 Fifth that showcases a glorious red poinsettia and cardinal with some holly to match our exquisite Lenox china tea cups in holly and for a stunning addition the saucer is an England china from New Chelsea Staff that is embossed in gold over red.  The experience of the tea cup and saucer alone is like drinking from a piece of heaven with its thickly edged gold.  Your goblet is also in a deep ruby red.  You are in for a real treat for Christmas as our home will be embellished with Christmas every where you look!

Silver Winter White Tea 

             Enjoy warm tea with beautiful white snow covering all

         of the evergreens that surround our property.  The choices of

         china are as follows.  Silver and white edged tone on tone white              china with gorgeous carved crystal in both the dishes and the                  plates.  Tea is served in silver tea pots and the goblets are a smoky            crystal to match the silver in the dishes and sterling.

                                                     Valentine's Day Tea 

              Throughout the month of February
            Take your Valentine to Tea
    Or do a couples tea or a Mother Daughter Tea.

     You will be lavishly pampered with gold and red china and dishes!

                                                                 ***The food and the dishes will reflect the beauty of the Holiday.

                                                                                         See Slideshow below!!


                                     Blue and White is also lovely for                                                                 Winter

Icy Blue Rose 

Although it is winter outside and no flowers are growing, it doesn't mean we can't have flowers inside.  This Icy Blue Rose china is perfect for a wintery tea party!  The china is Noritake "Virtue" and my dear sister-in-law Linda gifted it to me this Christmas and I am happy to be sharing it with my tea guests.  It is absolutely luxurious and I am paring it with a cut crystal salad plate.  There are also "Icy Blue" gorgeous water goblets to top off this beautiful table.

Copenhagen Winter Scenes

Enjoy our magical winter scenes of Denmark with these Copenhagen glazed "murals".  Each of you will have a different scene created in a different year by the Copenhagen company.  These are new to our  collection of china and we are excited to share them with you this winter.

The dinner plate is a white on white pattern edged in silver accompanied by a deep blue glass plate that pairs well with the deep blue of the Copenhagen murals.  The teacups are white on white so that the mural is center stage.  As a final touch, the water goblet is also deep blue glass edged in gold.